Internet Lingo – Singaporean Version

NOTE: Some of the “hokkien” words might be considered rude, so use carefully!  🙂

This are those which are more commonly used:


-Arrow (Being tasked to do something, usually undesirable)

-Beo (Hokkien: Peep) *Usually used as Beo Char Bo: Peeping at girls (Char bo)

-BB (Bye bye)

-BFF (Best friends forever)

-BRB (Be right back)

-BTH (Hokkien – Buay Tahan: Cannot take it anymore)

-Catch no ball (I don’t get it, I don’t understand)

-CMI (Cannot make it)

-Diam (Malay: Keep quiet, shut up *possibly rude*)

-Di Siao (Hokkien: to disturb/tease in a bad way)

-Emo (Emotional)

-FT (Foreign Talent: *Also could be a way of Sarcasm*)

-HL (Hokkien- Hao Lian: Be proud)

-Hum Ji (Hokkien: Scardy cat, chicken out, afraid, no guts)

-Jia Lat (Hokkien: Oh No! , very serious)

-Lol (Laugh out loud)

-Lup Sup (Hokkien: Dirty)

-OMG (Oh My God)

-Pek Chek (Hokkien: Frustrated)

-Paiseh (Hokkien: Aplogise with embarassment)

-Siam (Hokkien: Get Lost, Make way)

-Talk Cock (Talk Rubbish, Nonsense)

-Wols (Slow)

-Yo! (Greeting: Hello, Hi, Hey)

If you can understand 90% and above for the above shortcuts/word I trust that you can 100% Singaporean/Malaysian hahaha I believe some foreigners might not be able to understand what we are typing most of the time as we tend to use a lot of Singlish, Hokkien (Dialect), pin yin (Chinese), malay and internet lingos which is not commonly seen in their country I guess.

I have actually wondered at this word before “Wols” which was actually being spelt backwards. Slow -> Wols

I seriously wonder who invented this, haha but this is in the list which I would like to share.



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