Singapore Korean School

I am changing school again~~~

I guess I was wrong, when i choose NUS extension at first. Although the location at Singapore Korean School(SKS) is really inconvenient they provide free shuttle bus from Clementi as well as Newton. On top of that the first impression when I walked into SKS, the feeling is great!! I don’t know why but I got this feeling that I am in Korea. I was surrounded with Koreans everywhere I walk, I could hear people speaking in Korean.

The feeling was excellent.

To me the most important thing to have when studying a language is to have a good teacher!

So far, Hanok Korean Class has the best teacher although she is not a native korean. When I switched to NUS Extension I couldn’t adapt to that particular teacher, teaching method(i dont think its good to be name)

In NUS Extension, I have not gained anything much and i am already half way through my course. T^T Basically, i do not like the study environment in NUS Extension, and moreover they are also moving from Dhoby Ghaut to their own campus at Kent Ridge.

Anyway, I had a hard time trying to find number/email to contact SKS when trying to arrange for placement test there. Eventually, I found out that the best is to call this teacher, his name is Sam and he is a native Korean and you can reach him at 9663 3780 to arrange for a placement test.

If you want to register for their classes, I also feel its best to go down to their office to enquire or do the online registration once it is open.

I took the placement test which is purely verbal, he will ask some random questions for about 15-20mins like how long have you been studying Korean. So if you are not satisfied with the results/grade given you could also take a written test but I think there is a payable fee to take the test.

I am really looking forward to start my class in SKS in July^^

Btw, I got into Intermediate 1 ^^

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