What do you plan to do this Christmas eve?

There is an event going on in Seoul on Christmas eve : 솔로대첩 (Battle of the singles)

Location: Yeouido Park in Seoul

It all started with this question posted ~”What do you plan to do this Christmas eve?”

The event organiser posted this question on Facebook and people started to leave thousands of comments saying that they were single and miserable and had nothing to do.

So they suggested this idea to help lonely singles find love on Christmas Eve lol… but they never imagined it would grow this big

A crazy number of more than 38,000 people have already signed up to this epic event!

Whats gonna happen is men will dress in white, women in red, and couples in green.

Men and women will have their own gathering areas. When signaled, you are to run towards the other side and grab the hand of anyone that interests you. If the other person holds your hand back, you are now a couple!


After becoming a couple, you could take a picture and post it on Facebook. You will then receive a special gift sponsored by major corporations in Korea.

Battle of the singles trailer

Funny trailer

Battle of the singles Trailer (Korean only)

The idea is pretty cool however, they made some changes to the event due to the overwhelming response.

For safety issues they will recruit 300 security guards to scatter around the place o.O

Yes 300 of them. Wow.

Staff will dress in yellow and security guards will dress in black.


and this event is not only happening in Seoul! Other parts of Korea like Jeju 제주, Gwangju 광주, Daejeon 대전 and Busan 부산 have a similar event as well.

Up till now…

Seoul ( >38,000 signed up)

Busan ( >2300 signed up)

Gwangju (>700 signed up)

Daejeon (>400 signed up)

Jeju (>30 signed up)

Sounds crazy… will you attend?


Why Koreans love to sit on the floor?

Have you ever wondered why Koreans love to eat/sleep on the floor?

I was really curious about this so I did some research 😛

I personally feel that sitting on the floor makes one closer? In what sense.. I dont know…lol maybe it is really cosy and gets people bonded because they can sit closer to each other. haha sounds silly. What do you think?

This is really an interesting idea and I might be going to eat in a restaurant not because of their food but because of their traditional Korean dining style. 😀

However, the trouble is taking off your shoes… and no mini skirts HAHA

From indoors….


To outdoors!


So why the floor?!

The reason could only be…. ONDOL! (온돌)

The floor is heated by this amazing “ondol” system which is “hidden” underground. So during the harsh winter in Korea ( like -10 Degree Celsius @.@ ) and generally Spring and Autumn its cooling too so it makes it warm and comfortable to sit on the floor.

Dont look down on Ondol as it has had a great impact on the Korean lifestyle and a looooong history(few thousand years ago?). Due to this amazing heating system they have invented making the floor much warmer than the air indoors, so people naturally would just sit on the warm floor rather than on cold chairs.

On a random side note… my blog is snowing ^^

Try sitting on the floor and have your meals next time! Its cool hehe

Not just a Korean BBQ

I know Korean BBQ is really common and can be found in most part of the countries

but I have never eaten Korean BBQ with egg!! This is so cool~~~

Egg is one of my favourite food in the world. hehe


The best thing is…. the egg is free flow!!


I finished 3/4 of it 😛

so I was surprised when my native friend asked for a refill, I didnt know we can do that. hehe, it really satisfy my taste bud. YUM YUM


The metal tubes that absorbs all the smoke so there is no excuse not to eat BBQ hehe.

Korean rice tea on the house! (The brass kettle)

The garlic with sesame oil that complements with the meat


Dip the meattttt in the sauces, wrap with the lettuce. Indulge in the banchan (side dish)



Its pointless to worry about the calories at such a heavenly place. So.. eat first and worry later 😛

Hanok stay (Korea traditional house)

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul is the perfect destination for those seeking to learn about and enjoy the beauty of Hanok (traditional Korean-style house).

Therefore I chose to stay in Bukchon to experience staying in traditional korean houses. I made my reservations easily through email.

To get to the location is actually quite easy too but blame it on my bad sense of directions. I didnt get it right…. walked for about 15-20mins and all I could see is only shop houses.

According to the instructions given from the website, it says 10mins from Anguk station. @.@

Anyway its impossible to get there in 10mins! At least 15mins I would say.

A Korean came to my rescue and brought me to the place. There are kind souls everywhere 😀

Bukchon Guest House



Did you noticed something?? Take a closer look…!


When past meets future~~ lol

I finally get to use this! Electronic password lock! Surprisingly at a traditional house instead of a modern house.

The room is cosy and but a little small. I love the blanket lol, its so clean, thick and warm with a scent of detergent.


The traditional paper-pasted windows makes me feel a little unsafe haha but overall its a pleasant experience for me. ^^

Fascinating Korean food: Nurungji

I am totally amazed by how Koreans enjoy their daily meal.

I dont know about other countries, but in Korea, everything SINGLE restaurant that I went will definitely provide 1. tissue 2. plain water 3. 반찬 (banchan) side dish. Whats more?! The side dish is refillable ~~ just ask for more.

*Language tip:

이거 더 주세요

yi-gor tor ju-seh-yo

Please give me more of this.

Since you might not remember the dish name in Korean or you might not even know what it is but it just taste delicious, so you could just point to the side dish or hold up the bowl that you want to refill and say yi-gor tor ju-seh-yo ^^

Alright.. lets get straight to the main topic for today!

I’m gonna introduce another korean food which can be a snack, tea, dessert, porridge or even….as a type of medication?


누룽지    Nu-rung-ji    Scorched rice

People might think we are crazy, whats so special about eating…. burnt rice?

After the rice is cooked, a thin crisp crust of scorched rice will usually be left at the bottom of the cooking pot which they called it, Nurungji.

It can be eaten in its crisp state as a snack or as an after-meal rice tea by adding water.

In fact, at first I had totally no idea what has to be done when the food is served right in front of me. This was taught by my local friend.

scorched rice

The first step is…to transfer the rice from the hot stone pot to a rice bowl and just add water into the stone pot with the leftover crust.

E.A.S.Y right?

so leave that aside.. and drink it only when you finish your meal!

I really love the taste of Nurungji, its indescribable. You have to taste it for yourself to understand this! 😀

Fascinating Korean food: Dakgalbi

닭갈비 Dakgalbi, literally means chicken ribs but there are no chicken ribs in this dish.

It was originated from 춘천 Chuncheon (the capital of Gangwon Province, South Korea) as for years, it has been well known for its abundant poultry farms.

Dakgalbi is prepared by marinating boneless diced chicken in hot red pepper paste, 고추장 gochujang and stir-frying it with various ingredients such as cabbage and green onions in a large cast iron pan.



The mixture is then typically stir-fried at the table. There will be waiter or waitresses coming to your table to stir it for you! Of course, stiring the dish at the eating table itself might dirty your shirt (smoke, oil, red sauce etc.) so aprons are provided! Aint all this thoughtful enough?! ❤


thats not the end of the interesting part~~

Here comes the KOREAN STYLE…! Waste NOOOOOO sauce~~~~~~~~~~

After most of the Dakgalbi has been eaten, you may ask for rice to be added into the pan to soak up the extra, flavorful sauce!! They will then stir-fried the rice with the remaining sauce in the pan. Whats a complete Asian meal without rice right?

Also, I think depending on the restaurant, sometimes cheese is also added. YUMMY!

Here’s a video on dakgalbi mixing with rice (apologise for the poor quality)

유가네 is one of the famous chain outlet in Seoul and frequent by locals. Do drop by and enjoy the awesome local dish!