Fascinating Korean food: Nurungji

I am totally amazed by how Koreans enjoy their daily meal.

I dont know about other countries, but in Korea, everything SINGLE restaurant that I went will definitely provide 1. tissue 2. plain water 3. 반찬 (banchan) side dish. Whats more?! The side dish is refillable ~~ just ask for more.

*Language tip:

이거 더 주세요

yi-gor tor ju-seh-yo

Please give me more of this.

Since you might not remember the dish name in Korean or you might not even know what it is but it just taste delicious, so you could just point to the side dish or hold up the bowl that you want to refill and say yi-gor tor ju-seh-yo ^^

Alright.. lets get straight to the main topic for today!

I’m gonna introduce another korean food which can be a snack, tea, dessert, porridge or even….as a type of medication?


누룽지    Nu-rung-ji    Scorched rice

People might think we are crazy, whats so special about eating…. burnt rice?

After the rice is cooked, a thin crisp crust of scorched rice will usually be left at the bottom of the cooking pot which they called it, Nurungji.

It can be eaten in its crisp state as a snack or as an after-meal rice tea by adding water.

In fact, at first I had totally no idea what has to be done when the food is served right in front of me. This was taught by my local friend.

scorched rice

The first step is…to transfer the rice from the hot stone pot to a rice bowl and just add water into the stone pot with the leftover crust.

E.A.S.Y right?

so leave that aside.. and drink it only when you finish your meal!

I really love the taste of Nurungji, its indescribable. You have to taste it for yourself to understand this! 😀


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