Hanok stay (Korea traditional house)

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul is the perfect destination for those seeking to learn about and enjoy the beauty of Hanok (traditional Korean-style house).

Therefore I chose to stay in Bukchon to experience staying in traditional korean houses. I made my reservations easily through email.

To get to the location is actually quite easy too but blame it on my bad sense of directions. I didnt get it right…. walked for about 15-20mins and all I could see is only shop houses.

According to the instructions given from the website, it says 10mins from Anguk station. @.@

Anyway its impossible to get there in 10mins! At least 15mins I would say.

A Korean came to my rescue and brought me to the place. There are kind souls everywhere 😀

Bukchon Guest House



Did you noticed something?? Take a closer look…!


When past meets future~~ lol

I finally get to use this! Electronic password lock! Surprisingly at a traditional house instead of a modern house.

The room is cosy and but a little small. I love the blanket lol, its so clean, thick and warm with a scent of detergent.


The traditional paper-pasted windows makes me feel a little unsafe haha but overall its a pleasant experience for me. ^^


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