Not just a Korean BBQ

I know Korean BBQ is really common and can be found in most part of the countries

but I have never eaten Korean BBQ with egg!! This is so cool~~~

Egg is one of my favourite food in the world. hehe


The best thing is…. the egg is free flow!!


I finished 3/4 of it 😛

so I was surprised when my native friend asked for a refill, I didnt know we can do that. hehe, it really satisfy my taste bud. YUM YUM


The metal tubes that absorbs all the smoke so there is no excuse not to eat BBQ hehe.

Korean rice tea on the house! (The brass kettle)

The garlic with sesame oil that complements with the meat


Dip the meattttt in the sauces, wrap with the lettuce. Indulge in the banchan (side dish)



Its pointless to worry about the calories at such a heavenly place. So.. eat first and worry later 😛


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