What do you plan to do this Christmas eve?

There is an event going on in Seoul on Christmas eve : 솔로대첩 (Battle of the singles)

Location: Yeouido Park in Seoul

It all started with this question posted ~”What do you plan to do this Christmas eve?”

The event organiser posted this question on Facebook and people started to leave thousands of comments saying that they were single and miserable and had nothing to do.

So they suggested this idea to help lonely singles find love on Christmas Eve lol… but they never imagined it would grow this big

A crazy number of more than 38,000 people have already signed up to this epic event!

Whats gonna happen is men will dress in white, women in red, and couples in green.

Men and women will have their own gathering areas. When signaled, you are to run towards the other side and grab the hand of anyone that interests you. If the other person holds your hand back, you are now a couple!


After becoming a couple, you could take a picture and post it on Facebook. You will then receive a special gift sponsored by major corporations in Korea.

Battle of the singles trailer

Funny trailer

Battle of the singles Trailer (Korean only)

The idea is pretty cool however, they made some changes to the event due to the overwhelming response.

For safety issues they will recruit 300 security guards to scatter around the place o.O

Yes 300 of them. Wow.

Staff will dress in yellow and security guards will dress in black.


and this event is not only happening in Seoul! Other parts of Korea like Jeju 제주, Gwangju 광주, Daejeon 대전 and Busan 부산 have a similar event as well.

Up till now…

Seoul ( >38,000 signed up)

Busan ( >2300 signed up)

Gwangju (>700 signed up)

Daejeon (>400 signed up)

Jeju (>30 signed up)

Sounds crazy… will you attend?


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