Why Koreans love to sit on the floor?

Have you ever wondered why Koreans love to eat/sleep on the floor?

I was really curious about this so I did some research 😛

I personally feel that sitting on the floor makes one closer? In what sense.. I dont know…lol maybe it is really cosy and gets people bonded because they can sit closer to each other. haha sounds silly. What do you think?

This is really an interesting idea and I might be going to eat in a restaurant not because of their food but because of their traditional Korean dining style. 😀

However, the trouble is taking off your shoes… and no mini skirts HAHA

From indoors….


To outdoors!


So why the floor?!

The reason could only be…. ONDOL! (온돌)

The floor is heated by this amazing “ondol” system which is “hidden” underground. So during the harsh winter in Korea ( like -10 Degree Celsius @.@ ) and generally Spring and Autumn its cooling too so it makes it warm and comfortable to sit on the floor.

Dont look down on Ondol as it has had a great impact on the Korean lifestyle and a looooong history(few thousand years ago?). Due to this amazing heating system they have invented making the floor much warmer than the air indoors, so people naturally would just sit on the warm floor rather than on cold chairs.

On a random side note… my blog is snowing ^^

Try sitting on the floor and have your meals next time! Its cool hehe