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Just realised the website that i googled was the old one!

They are using this website currently 

and this is their official facebook page ^^!/singaporekoreaninternationalschool


Singapore Korean School

I am changing school again~~~

I guess I was wrong, when i choose NUS extension at first. Although the location at Singapore Korean School(SKS) is really inconvenient they provide free shuttle bus from Clementi as well as Newton. On top of that the first impression when I walked into SKS, the feeling is great!! I don’t know why but I got this feeling that I am in Korea. I was surrounded with Koreans everywhere I walk, I could hear people speaking in Korean.

The feeling was excellent.

To me the most important thing to have when studying a language is to have a good teacher!

So far, Hanok Korean Class has the best teacher although she is not a native korean. When I switched to NUS Extension I couldn’t adapt to that particular teacher, teaching method(i dont think its good to be name)

In NUS Extension, I have not gained anything much and i am already half way through my course. T^T Basically, i do not like the study environment in NUS Extension, and moreover they are also moving from Dhoby Ghaut to their own campus at Kent Ridge.

Anyway, I had a hard time trying to find number/email to contact SKS when trying to arrange for placement test there. Eventually, I found out that the best is to call this teacher, his name is Sam and he is a native Korean and you can reach him at 9663 3780 to arrange for a placement test.

If you want to register for their classes, I also feel its best to go down to their office to enquire or do the online registration once it is open.

I took the placement test which is purely verbal, he will ask some random questions for about 15-20mins like how long have you been studying Korean. So if you are not satisfied with the results/grade given you could also take a written test but I think there is a payable fee to take the test.

I am really looking forward to start my class in SKS in July^^

Btw, I got into Intermediate 1 ^^

NUS Extension

After my completing all the levels (4 Levels) at Hanok Korean class, I have no choice but to search for another school. I found for a few resources and have filtered out 2 choices which is NUS extension as well as Singapore Korean School.

For (SKS) Singapore Korean School, their website is not very user friendly. It is hard to find what you want to know and there are a lot of different emails which we can email to enquiry which is very confusing for us > <” and if you miss an intake, you have to wait and check back their website regularly to know when is their next intake again.

On top of that, SKS is also further from my house and office thus I decided to chose NUS Extension instead.

The course fee at NUS Extension was kinda shocking to me.. $450 for 10 lessons including course materials. T^T

I will have to take a mandatory placement test to see which level I will be posted to since I have not attended any class from NUS Extension before.

I took the placement test on a Thursday and the results was out on a Sunday. I read online about the placement test and they mentioned that the test is about 35 mins and there will be an one to one oral test with the teachers. However all of this wasn’t true…

I emailed the centre and told them I will be going down for the test.. when i arrive there they gave me 2 sets of “basic papers” to choose and I can only choose 1 to do. The first set of paper is from level 1-3 and the other, from level 4-6.

I took the level 1-3 paper with my friend and we were brought to a big and quiet classroom. There was no one in there except for the 2 of us. So basically, no one was invigilating us as we do the placement test. There wasn’t any time limit too, there was like multiple choices and fill-in-the-blanks question and the last part is a short essay.

On Sunday, we received the call from NUS Extension separately. I picked up the call thinking that it was my sister who is trying to make a prank call as the person on the line start talking in 100% Korean once I answered the phone. Thankfully, she mentioned calling from NUS Extension after a short while. She asked me a few questions in Korean and told me that I am posted to Level 4.

It was a huge relief as I was also expecting to be in either Level 4 or 5. ^^

So basically there was no one-to-one oral test and the timing of doing the placement test was also flexible.

On the first day of lesson, It was kind of awkward as we don’t know anyone in the class. The classroom was also unfamiliar. From a sudden change of bubbly teacher from Hanok Korean Class to this “strict teacher” in NUS Extension it was kind of hard to adapt.

Hope it will be better on lesson 2 onwards! ^^



음… 어떻게 시작해요?

처음 이렇게 블로로 써요. 한국으로 써요. ㅋㅋ

실수있을면도 몰라요.ㅎㅎ

나는 싱가포르 사람이에요. 이름은 은리예요, 22살이에요 ^^

지금 싱가포르에서 한국어를 조금 배워요, 그래서 아직 잘 못 해요. ㅠㅠ

난.. 한국을 아주 아주 좋아해요!! 한국에 한번도 안 왔어요 ㅜㅅㅜ

한국에는 사계절이있고 한국드라마도 재미있고 그래서 좋아해요~

한국의 음식을 다 먹어 싶어요 그리고 스키도 타고 싶어요.

한국 음악도 대박이다! 매일 매일 들어요~ 너무 좋아해~

이번 9월 한국에 갈거예요 !! 구경 할거예요, 쇼핑도!

내년 연세대학교 수업을 듣겠어요!

아~ 정말!

나중에 한국 친구들이 만나면 좋곘어요!

많이많이 한국 친구들 꼭 만날거에요~~

ㅎㅎ 이제 .. 끝났어요

이메일 아니면  코멘트를 남겨주세용 ㅋㅋ

Online Korean Lessons

Wanted to learn Korean but tight on cash?

Do not know how and when to start?

You may refer to these useful websites and links to learn korean for free!

Professor Oh and Friends : Teaches Korean in a simple fun way through youtube videos.

Talk to me in Korean : Very Very useful and strongly recommended! Teaches Korean language from Basics to Intermediate by Native Korean. Audio lessons and PDF notes are provided, worksheets and available for practice too!

Understanding Korean Language : Korea Tourism Website which also teaches basic Korean language and daily conversations tips

Sogang University : Sogang Korean Programme

Naver Dictionary : A very useful online dictionary which translate English , Japanese and Chinese into Korean and Vice-versa. It also acts as an encyclopedia

Korean Internet Lingo / Slang

1) ㅋㅋㅋ  came from the word 크크크 (kekeke) which is the sound of laughter

2) ㅎㅎㅎ came from the word 하하하(hahaha) which is also the sound of laughter. You can also use 히히히(hehehe) 호호호(hohoho)

3) ㅠㅠ or ㅜㅜ resembles the crying emoticon

4) 애교 Aegyo : To be cute generally or act cute
     You can watch this video for more detailed explanation ^^
5) 대박 Daebak : Literally means big win, Hanja (大发) but this term is commonly means Awesome!
6) 파이팅 (Konglish: Fighting) / 화이팅 [홧팅-Some native korean would type this shortcut] : Cheer someone as a form of encouragement. Similar meaning with 加油 or all the best~

7) Adding ㅇ to the 받침 Final consonant of the word. Generally the younger generation will use this to make it sound more friendly, informal and cute.

Eg.  오빠! → 오빵!
       [용] Substitutes for ~요 at the end of sentences