NUS Extension

After my completing all the levels (4 Levels) at Hanok Korean class, I have no choice but to search for another school. I found for a few resources and have filtered out 2 choices which is NUS extension as well as Singapore Korean School.

For (SKS) Singapore Korean School, their website is not very user friendly. It is hard to find what you want to know and there are a lot of different emails which we can email to enquiry which is very confusing for us > <” and if you miss an intake, you have to wait and check back their website regularly to know when is their next intake again.

On top of that, SKS is also further from my house and office thus I decided to chose NUS Extension instead.

The course fee at NUS Extension was kinda shocking to me.. $450 for 10 lessons including course materials. T^T

I will have to take a mandatory placement test to see which level I will be posted to since I have not attended any class from NUS Extension before.

I took the placement test on a Thursday and the results was out on a Sunday. I read online about the placement test and they mentioned that the test is about 35 mins and there will be an one to one oral test with the teachers. However all of this wasn’t true…

I emailed the centre and told them I will be going down for the test.. when i arrive there they gave me 2 sets of “basic papers” to choose and I can only choose 1 to do. The first set of paper is from level 1-3 and the other, from level 4-6.

I took the level 1-3 paper with my friend and we were brought to a big and quiet classroom. There was no one in there except for the 2 of us. So basically, no one was invigilating us as we do the placement test. There wasn’t any time limit too, there was like multiple choices and fill-in-the-blanks question and the last part is a short essay.

On Sunday, we received the call from NUS Extension separately. I picked up the call thinking that it was my sister who is trying to make a prank call as the person on the line start talking in 100% Korean once I answered the phone. Thankfully, she mentioned calling from NUS Extension after a short while. She asked me a few questions in Korean and told me that I am posted to Level 4.

It was a huge relief as I was also expecting to be in either Level 4 or 5. ^^

So basically there was no one-to-one oral test and the timing of doing the placement test was also flexible.

On the first day of lesson, It was kind of awkward as we don’t know anyone in the class. The classroom was also unfamiliar. From a sudden change of bubbly teacher from Hanok Korean Class to this “strict teacher” in NUS Extension it was kind of hard to adapt.

Hope it will be better on lesson 2 onwards! ^^