Hanok stay (Korea traditional house)

Bukchon Hanok Village in Seoul is the perfect destination for those seeking to learn about and enjoy the beauty of Hanok (traditional Korean-style house).

Therefore I chose to stay in Bukchon to experience staying in traditional korean houses. I made my reservations easily through email.

To get to the location is actually quite easy too but blame it on my bad sense of directions. I didnt get it right…. walked for about 15-20mins and all I could see is only shop houses.

According to the instructions given from the website, it says 10mins from Anguk station. @.@

Anyway its impossible to get there in 10mins! At least 15mins I would say.

A Korean came to my rescue and brought me to the place. There are kind souls everywhere πŸ˜€

Bukchon Guest House



Did you noticed something?? Take a closer look…!


When past meets future~~ lol

I finally get to use this! Electronic password lock! Surprisingly at a traditional house instead of a modern house.

The room is cosy and but a little small. I love the blanket lol, its so clean, thick and warm with a scent of detergent.


The traditional paper-pasted windows makes me feel a little unsafe haha but overall its a pleasant experience for me. ^^


Hidden Gem in Korea: Ihwa village


This whole village is a piece of art…. picture speaks louder than words πŸ˜€


λ‹ˆκ°€μ’‹μ•„ (i like you) ^^ isnt this sweet! I would like to pose with this if I have a boyfriend lol.


People literally stay here! Such a beautiful village to stay in!

I really love it here~~


Location: Hyehwa station line 4 exit 2


Cafe culture in Korea: Pet cafe

1) Pet cafe : Dog cafe , cat cafe

2) Capi Capi loom loom: Rilakkuma Cafe

3) Hello Kitty Cafe

4) Drama cafe

Korea have the most unique and interesting cafe (in the world..?)

1) Pet cafe ~~

So far I have been to all these cafes listed above in Korea and my best choice is still dog’s cafe although im in love with all of them! I have been to more than 4 pet cafes in just 2 weeks lol.


My favourite one is located in downtown Daegu, because its a 2-in-1 cafe! You just need to purchase a drink at 8000won and you can visit both the cat and dog cafe~~ if my memory is still working well. I think dog cafe is at level 2 and cat cafe at level 1 πŸ˜€


The dogs are really friendly and there are bound to be 3-4dogs wanting to catch your attention. When you are seated, they will just climb up to your lap so that you can pat and stroke them. It will then be a good photo opportunity hehe and on top of that they are reallyyyyy cute!

Take 1


Take 2


Take 3


Take 4


Take 5


Take 6


6 dogs came to sit on my lap in just a few minutes!

They are so adoooorable!!

Cats are more realistic creature lol. They only come to you if you have food or drinks.

tsk tsk… lets see the evidence lol




See what i mean!! After that day, I realise i’m more of a dog person. ^^

PS, that day was the first time that I am not afraid of dogs.. at ALL!

Tip: Language might be an issue in Korea, so if you are looking for pet cafes do look out for words like 고양이 (cat) or 강아지 / 개 (dog) 카페 (cafe)